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Things to know before your first appointment


Checking with your Insurance Company

  • Ask if Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting is a preferred or in-network provider. If we are not, you may ask what out-of-network benefits you have.
  • Do you have a deductible (amount that is paid out of pocket before benefits begin)
  • Find out what your co-pay is before your visit your provider. 
  • Establish if you need pre-authorization for treatment, and if so, from whom.
  • Check how many visits your benefits cover.

Contact Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting

To schedule an appointment call 503-491-5896

Please be sure to have insurance card available when scheduling appointments. 

New Patient Packet

At the time your appointment is scheduled you will receive a new patient packet either in the mail, via secure email, or it can be picked up in person. This will need to be completed prior to initial appointment.

Bring ID, insurance card and completed new patient packet


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Download initial paperwork prior to your appointment

History Form (Adult) (doc)


History Form (Adolescent) (doc)


History Form (Child) (doc)


Office Policies (pdf)


Privacy Practices (pdf)